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Sirius has been established by four highly experienced practitioners with a track record in leading, delivering and overseeing defence related tasks:

David Bangert, Tom Baldwin, Carl Dalton, and Jo Llewellyn.

David and Carl were the owner-Directors of Polaris Consulting Limited, a highly successful consultancy which traded from 2001 to 2017.  When Polaris was acquired by TP Group, both of them became Partners in its Consultancy and Project Services (CaPS) division.  Jo Llewellyn was Chief Technical Officer for Polaris, and became Practice Lead for Systems Engineering within CaPS when it was acquired by TP Group. Tom Baldwin formerly worked for Polaris Consulting and most recently worked for NATO Allied Command Transformation (ACT) in the Operational Analysis / Analysis of Alternatives Branch.




David Bangert has accumulated more than 25 years’ experience in the leadership, management and execution of Government projects.  He has an up-to-date understanding of HMT guidance on Business Case development, and has spent the past 10 years leading the approvals for, and development of the Value for Money (VfM) cases, for some of the largest and highest profile Government projects, in the range of £’00Ms to £10Bn+.  David has expertise in Operational Research and has used this to develop analysis programmes to support the assessment of VfM  for nuclear and defence projects.  He has particular expertise in the design and facilitation of structured workshops to develop benefits, opportunities and costs (financial and non-financial), combining qualitative and quantitative techniques to drive cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis.  David has led innovative research projects, successfully delivered studies into future energy security, defence inflation, recycling and re-use and rapid manufacturing techniques for UK Government and industry, and has delivered successful outcomes for Head Office, DE&S, ISS, Dstl and the Defence Industry.


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Tom Baldwin has over 15 years’ operational research and analysis (OR&A) experience, predominantly applied to defence research, capability development and acquisition within government, the private sector and multi-national environments. He has experience of designing and applying multi-method analysis, modelling and experimentation approaches to projects throughout the capability development lifecycle. This has included leading multi-disciplinary teams to develop and test new concepts, conduct cost-effectiveness analysis in support of acquisitions and run experiments in support of urgent operational requirements. Tom has extensive Joint/C4ISR experience and has also worked in the Land, Maritime and Air domains. Tom’s recent work had predominantly been leading Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) tasks as part of NATO’s new Common Funded Capability Delivery model, which included the Chief Analyst role for a significant Air C2 project. He has a keen interest in applying innovative analytical methods to solve defence problems. Tom is an active member of the UK Operational Research Society and frequently presents at OR&A conferences.


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Carl Dalton is a highly experienced cost analyst with over 45 years of related experience; of which the last 35 years has been spent conducting studies and leading tasks for Government.  He is a Fellow of the Association of Cost Engineers. has been the Maritime and Costing Technical Lead since the commencement of the UK Analysis Support Construct (ASC).  In this role, he has overseen and assured over 75 costing tasks and studies, ranging from the costing of a wide range of defence assets, through tasks for the Department of Transport and costing of infrastructure.  Carl was one of the two owner-Directors of Polaris Consulting Limited, a highly successful consultancy which traded from 2001 to 2017.  When Polaris was acquired by TP Group, he became one of the Partners in the Consultancy and Project Services (CaPS) division, with a turnover of over £20M.


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Jo Llewellyn has over 20 years’ experience providing systems engineering consultancy and the delivery of OR tasks.  Jo Llewellyn was Chief Technical Officer for Polaris and became Practice Lead for Systems Engineering within CaPS when it was acquired by TP Group. She has experience at the business and system design level, including planning and oversight of work programmes undertaken by multi-disciplinary and consortium-based development teams. As well as strong technical leadership and project management she has complementary skills in the areas of requirements engineering, technical assurance, stakeholder engagement, systems of systems analysis, enterprise architecting, and technology and standards assessment.  She is currently working on projects in the nuclear and space sectors.


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